A unique caffeinated collagen drink

COLLAB is designed for people who are constantly striving to improve their physical and mental health. An example of Icelandic ingenuity, it’s your go-to drink with caffeine for now and collagen for your future.

Forest berries
Ginger and Peach
Lime and Elderflower
Passion Fruit and Lime
Passion Fruit and Lime
Raspberry and Apricot
Raspberry and Apricot
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COLLAB story

By inspiration from scientific innovation to preserve the purity of our nature, a unique caffeinated collagen drink was born. COLLAB entered the Icelandic functional drinks market by storm in 2019 and has become one of the most valuable beverage brands in Iceland.

Innovative collaboration

In 2017, Ölgerðin, Iceland’s largest beverage producer, and the innovative marine collagen start-up, FEEL Iceland, came together to collaborate on the development of a unique beverage that takes functionality to the next level: COLLAB.​


Collagen is one of the body’s main structural protein, but its production lessens with age. The collagen in COLLAB contains 18 different amino acids, 8 of which the body does not produce unaided. Each can contains 5,9 grams of pure marine collagen protein. The protein used in COLLAB comes from FEEL Iceland, a company that is revered for its collagen products, developed from Icelandic materials.


COLLAB contains marine collagen which is sustainably sourced from the Atlantic ocean and is produced from fish skins. Fish skins are normally disposed of as a waste product from fishing, but in the making of COLLAB it is repurposed by extracting the pure marine collagen. That way it’s not only the extraction of high-quality collagen from fresh, wild caught sources – it also helps reduce the waste from the seafood industry.